About us

Per aspera ad astra

ApplyFuture is a young EdTech startup registered in Paris in 2020 by passionate and curious people. We believe everyone deserves education. We sincerely want to accompany you during the journey to pursue your dream, so you won’t feel alone.

I came to France for the first time a couple of years ago to continue my studies and have this international experience of cultural and linguistic immersion.

I remember how difficult it was as a foreigner to find information on different studies and schools, and especially how to apply for them. Years later, with the rise of information technologies, accessibility has been improved significantly, but there are still some difficulties in submitting applications and visa applications (for non-EU students).

Based on this observation, we are working on ApplyFuture which aims to make these procedures more fluid, by creating an application platform for international students graduated from high school, which would help them determine the French and European higher education institutions that correspond to them, and manage the entire application process.

Our focus at the moment is Business Schools, Hotel Business Schools, Medical Schools and Art Schools in Europe.

Ying Zhang, Founder of ApplyFuture
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